Online Account Access for Welfare

If you decide to apply for a Petlog Welfare online account/Rescue PIN we may need to contact you to assess your eligibility once we have received your online request, for any supporting documentation.

Please read through the conditions and information below thoroughly before applying.


Access to Petlog

The purpose of holding and maintaining the records for implanted pets is to facilitate the reunification process if a missing pet is subsequently found.

Compulsory Microchipping regulations and also Data Protection Act requirements generally require that data is disclosed either to the recorded keeper or authorised agent, such as the police, local authority dog warden, vet or one of the large national welfare organisations so that the pet can easily be reunited with its keeper.

Following the introduction of the Compulsory Microchipping regulations for dogs April 2016, there are several aspects which affect arrangements with welfare organisations; including compliance with the regulations in terms of the recording of the ‘keeper’ of a dog and the extent of any look up facility to the Petlog database.

Compulsory Microchipping regulations require a dog over the age of 8 weeks to be microchipped with a compliant microchip and those details to be recorded with a DEFRA compliant database. 

Compulsory Microchipping regulations largely define “keeper” as “the person with whom the dog normally resides.   

Whilst Compulsory Microchipping is only for dogs, the microchip is therefore confirmed as a tool to identify the pet, all pets - It does not confirm legal ownership. A keeper as recorded on the Petlog database does not necessarily equate to or denote ‘legal ownership’ of an animal. The contact details registered on the database matching a particular microchip are used for reunification only.

Pin requests/Look up Pets details/Transfer of keepership

Look up/access and transfer of keeper arrangements depend on our defined terms for Welfare/Rescue. Criteria includes registered charities, recognised KC Breed Welfare/Rescue organisations, or members of the ADCH (Association of Dog and Cat Homes).

Access Protocols

Due to increased data protection requirements, access to the database requires significant access protocols and terms and conditions to be introduced for any organisation before being given look up facility. This is in order to comply with the whole wide ranging data protection requirements and to ensure a secure and robust facility going forward. This is in the interests of Petlog, those accessing the Petlog database and the pet keepers.

Increased data protection requirements mean there will be significant and inherent risks for rescue organisations and therefore the tighter access control and security requirements help alleviate some of those risks in this context for welfare organisations.

Welfare organisations with scanners may still be able to scan animals for their own purposes to identify animals, however, for purposes of reunification the advice is to seek assistance from a local Dog/Animal Warden or a Vet who has secure and valid access and authorisation rights to search Petlog in order to reunite an animal.

We hope it is appreciated that the steps which have been taken and which may directly affect your organisation have been taken because of the legislative and data protection advancements and requirements and are not intended to and do no infer, in any way, criticism or trust issues with individual welfare organisations.  The industry is simply operating in a different environment. The steps will in any event give some organisations protection by the removal of any exposure and vulnerability to inadvertent data security breaches.

You can only apply for a Petlog online account if your organisation falls into one of the following three categories:

Registered Charity

If you are a registered charity and have a registered charity number please click here to apply for an account.

We are a registered charity & have a registered charity number


As a member or affiliate of the Association of Dogs and Cats Homes (ADCH) you are eligible to apply for a Petlog account.

We are a member of Association of Dogs and Cats Homes

Kennel Club Breed Rescue

Are you a registered KC Breed Rescue and appear in the KC Breed Rescue directory? Please click here to request an account.

We are a Kennel Club registered breed rescue

The above criteria ensures we are adhering to our data protection policy, access control and security requirements also ensures we alleviate some of the risks for our welfare organisations.

My rescue does not meet the above criteria

If your rescue does not meet the above criteria then you would need to send in your transfer of keeperships manually on letter headed paper, changes will be actioned FREE OF CHARGE to our postal address

Petlog/Kennel Club
Kennel Club House
Gatehouse Way
HP19 8DB

Please Note: Confirmation of transfers are sent to the new recorded keeper only.

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