Updating your details

Updating your details

You can update your email address, mobile and daytime telephone numbers free of charge. You just need to login to your account to update them. 

Updating your address

It is critical that the address where you keep your pet is kept completely up to date, so that you can be successfully reunited, if your pet is lost and then found. Depending on if you have a basic or premium account with us, will depend on if there are any fees charged. 

Basics plan fees

With a basic Petlog account a change of address can be made by calling, 01296 336579 and by paying an administrative fee of £10.

Petlog Premium fees

Upgrading to Petlog Premium you can make a one off fee of £17 to keep your pets details updated for life. This is the most flexible and cost-effective way to keep any changes of address up to date.

How do I make these changes?

There are 3 ways to change your address with Petlog.

Method 1: MyPetlog Account

Creating an account and upgrading your pet to Petlog Premium on the Petlog website is the easiest way to update your address and to manage your details going forward.

Your pet must already be registered on the Petlog database and you must have your pet's microchip number and Petlog ID located on your welcome letter or email.

When you have logged in, click "Update Your Address" on the left hand side to proceed.

Log in or register for a MyPetlog account

Method 2: Apply Online

This method should not be used if you have a pet upgraded to Petlog Premium. Please log in/register for a MyPetlog account or contact us to make updates to your details.

If you do not have an account or are unable to create an account at this time, you can complete this application form and our staff will update your details within 14 days.

Apply Online

Method 3: Contact Us

If you are having problems with creating a MyPetlog account please contact us on 01296 336579. Please note that we can only speak to the registered keeper to update details over the telephone.

Lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday, excluding Bank holidays.