Customer complaints policy

Petlog is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and maintaining good customer relationships at all times.

Petlog welcomes feedback from customers in respect of our services. This feedback is invaluable in helping evaluate and improve our services.

The following outlines our policy and procedure for the handling of a complaint to ensure it is handled as effectively as possible. The Petlog team aims to resolve all complaints to the satisfaction of everyone involved in a timely way.

Our responsibilities

  • To provide a structured and fair mechanism for handling a complaint
  • To provide our customers with access to the complaints handling process
  • To keep customers informed regarding the progress of a complaint at all stages
  • To advise customers of the time frame for the resolution of a complaint
  • A register of complaints will be reviewed regularly by the management team to continue to improve quality and service
We will be providing assistance by way of a number of self-serve options to try and resolve application issues. If these do not resolve an issue in an accurate and efficient way, within our SLAs, then a complaint may be lodged so that we can triage a case for appropriate and swift resolution.

An individual may make a complaint if they feel Petlog has failed to provide an acceptable level of service or has failed to act in a proper way. We will do our best to resolve the issue raised as soon as possible.

Complaint handling

We will acknowledge a complaint within 5 working days by email or mail. We will then provide a full solution or substantive follow up response in writing within 20 working days from the date of the acknowledgement.

The following process will be followed:
  • Step 1: receiving the complaint – written acknowledgement, complaint passed to relevant team
  • Step 2: assessing the complaint – to identify issue e.g. website issue, contact issue, data error, account error
  • Step 3: investigating the complaint – is the issue a failure on the part of Petlog, and what can be done to rectify and ensure no re-occurrence
  • Step 4: resolving the complaint – contacting complainant to resolve the issue and providing documentation or other service as required
If the complaint covers multiple work streams/department input, then it may take longer to resolve whilst the information is collected. In these cases, we will provide regular updates on the progress being made and provide a time frame for resolution. We may escalate and expedite complaints in appropriate circumstances.

We will advise a complainant of the outcome of a complaint in writing, or if appropriate will call back if the complaint is easily resolved via discussion. We will complete any outstanding transactions or advise on the timeline for completion of transaction.

Contacting us

Before raising a Complaint, please ensure you have used the help centre first and raised the required query that best matches your enquiry.

If you have not received a resolution to your Petlog enquiry via the contact us section and it has been over 28 days, then please proceed with a complaint enquiry. Please note complaints that are general enquiries will be redirected to the help centre

If you have followed the above process, we ask complainants to use the designated form for complaints, rather than emailing other contacts within the Petlog organisation in order not to delay a complaint being logged and receiving appropriate attention. Complaints to this address will be dealt with within our standard response times and the process followed as laid out above.

Dispute over legal ownership

To inform us of a dispute over legal ownership, please use this form.

Monitoring and learning from complaints

As well as learning from each individual complaint, Petlog will maintain a complaints register to identify trends which will help us to improve our services with corrective and preventative measures.