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Over 9 million pet keepers trust Petlog to help reunite them with their lost pets. If your pet should go missing, microchipping is a great way to ensure that the best efforts are made to reunite you with your pet. However, it is only effective if pet keepers remember to keep their contact details up-to-date, which is a new requirement within the Compulsory Microchipping of Dogs legislation.

Any changes to an keeper’s contact details must be updated on their microchip database to ensure compliance with the law. If a dog keeper subsequently moves, changes contact telephone number, etc. then the dog is no longer considered microchipped under the new law and enforcement can be taken.

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Check and Update Details

It is vital that you keep your and your pet's details up-to-date so that Petlog can contact you should your pet go missing.

Check and Update Details

Transfer of Keepership

If you need to transfer a pet into your keepership, or if you have passed a pet on, find out what to do by clicking here.

Transfer of Keepership

Overseas Microchips

Find out more about how to register a pet with an overseas microchip on to the Petlog database.

Record an Overseas Pet

Lost and Found Pets

Find out how to let Petlog know about lost and found pets as well as further advice about finding your missing pet.

Lost and Found Pets

Upgrade to Premium

To give your pet the best chance of reunification, make sure you upgrade their record to Petlog Premium.

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Change of Address

It is critical that the address where you keep your pet is kept completely up to date, so that you can be successfully reunited, if your pet is lost and then found.

Change of Address

Current Fees

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Change of Database

If your pet's are recorded with another UK microchip database, you can apply to have your pet's recorded with Petlog by clicking here.

Change of Database Application

What is Microchipping?

Microchipping is a procedure that can make all the difference in being reunited with your pet should they go missing.

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Find a Petlog Implanter

To find a local implanter that uses Petlog microchips, you can contact a Petlog microchip supplier for more information.

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Look Up a Microchip

Use this tool to check whether a microchipped pet is recorded on the Petlog database.

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2016 Legislation

Find out more about what the compulsory microchipping legislation introduced in 2016 means for you.

Compulsory Microchipping

Pet ID Tags

All dogs are required to wear a Dog ID Tag in a public place under the Control of Dogs Order 1992.

Collar Tags for Dogs

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