Implanters and welfare

We are committed to supporting the microchipping industry and will continue to provide assistance in every way it can to you. Working together we can educate and improve the service in reuniting lost pets with their keepers, by ensuring all customers have the correct advice to hand once their pet is microchipped.

Existing authorised agents

Important notice
All authorised agents who had an account with us before 22 March 2021 are required to create an account on our new website. You will not be able to access your previous account until you complete this step. By using the same email address that you have previously used to login to our website will avoid delays in you accessing your resources.  Creating an account with a different email address will not match our current records, and will result in a delay in having access to your online account. 

Authorised agent registration

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Authorised Agent Registration

Look up a microchip

Need to up a microchip number for a pet registered in the UK? Use our microchip look up to find out more information about the chip you have scanned.

Look up a microchip number

Thinking of becoming an implanter with us?

Microchipping offers a valuable service to your customers and their pets. Find out the benefits that come from microchipping with us today.

Microchip suppliers

Recording a microchip with us

If you have an authorised account, you will need to login to your account and record a new microchip on to our database product.

Registration of chip

Welfare organisations

We understand the hard work you do as an organisation. We have developed online services that allow welfare organisations to take keepership of and rehome pets.

Welfare Organisations

Welfare rehoming form

Use our welfare rehoming form to transfer the keepership of a pet. You will need to make sure you are registered with us as a welfare organisation in order to use this form.

Rehome a pet