Halloween hazards

Halloween is a time of spooky fun but there are a few things you need to be careful about. Read our top tips below to keep your pets safe this Halloween.

Keep your animals occupied

During Halloween, you may have all kinds of ghosts, skeletons and other scary-looking visitors knocking at your door. As fun as it may be for you to have trick-or-treaters, your pets may not see it in the same way and may be frightened by these visitors. To help your dog, why not try keeping them busy in another room, so that they’re distracted and not stressed. If you answer the door to any spooky visitors, make sure to keep your pet in a closed room with toys or other things to entertain them.

Don’t feed your pets sweets or chocolates

It’s useful to know the foods your pets can and can’t eat. Some human foods, such as chocolate and some sweets, are toxic to pets and can make them unwell. This Halloween, keep any sweet treats out of reach of your pets and save them from having to visit the out-of-hours emergency vet.

If you have any children, make sure to talk to them about the dangers of feeding pets sweets and chocolates, so that they understand that some human foods can be harmful to pets.

It is important to make sure any sweet or chocolate wrappers are thrown away and not left where your pets have easy access to them. If your pet were to eat the wrappers, it could cause severe issues or become lodged in their airways.

Decoration dangers

Letting your pets wander around outside can be dangerous around Halloween. Decorations like pumpkin lit with candles or decorations that are fragile or sharp can cause injuries to curious pets. Cables that power Halloween decorations can also present a serious hazard to your pets, especially if chewed.

Halloween costumes

Getting your pet involved in the Halloween action may seem fun but some pets may become stressed by pet costumes or may try to bite them off, which could be a potential choking hazard, depending on the type of costume you try to put on them.

Keep pets away from alcohol

If you plan on throwing a Halloween party, it is important to be mindful of unattended glasses or bottles. Your pet’s curiosity may get the better of them and could make them Ill, particularly if you’ve served up creamy alcoholic drinks. Keeping your pets away from the party will ensure they are not tempted to consume any unattended alcohol.