How to name your ferret

Choosing the perfect name for your new pet is not always as easy as it seems. But if you've reached this stage, that probably means you have a new companion to share your memories with, so congratulations! Below you can find plenty of tips and suggestions to help your choose the perfect name for your new furry friend.

Hints and tips on how to name your pet

Finding a pet can be a lengthy process, but, choosing their name can sometimes be even more overwhelming. Here are our top tips on how to uncover your ferret’s name:

Think of names with a double syllable

Double syllable names can be easier for your ferret to understand and maybe less tedious to say over and over again when you’re calling them inside.

Make your life easy and choose a name that is going to be comfortable for you and your pet! There are plenty of names out there that will fit your lifestyle and will still be able to be understood by your pet whilst being trained.

Pick a name that ends in a vowel

Choosing a name that ends in a vowel can make it easier for your pet to recognise their name. Tone changes when calling a name ending in a vowel. Using words that end in a vowel tends to change the tone of our voice, helping our ferrets to pick their name out from the other words we use.

Think about how you’d feel calling out the name

When choosing a name, first imagine calling it out into your garden for your ferret to come in. If you’d feel silly calling the name, or think that, out of context, calling that name might cause a stir with the neighbours then it is best to avoid it.

Choose a name that’s unlike any of your other pet or family members names

Similar sounding names may confuse your pets. Although ferrets have fantastic hearing, they may find it difficult to tell the difference between similar names and words. If two names are similar, then you may confuse them and make them.

For example, Jill and Jack would be fine, but Bob and Rob may be difficult for them to tell apart.

Take your pet’s personality into consideration

If you’re struggling to find names you like then try writing down which aspects of your pet’s personality make you smile. If they are curious you could go with George (the monkey cartoon). These names will be able to tell a story about your pet.

Try out different names on different days in the early stages

If you have a few favourite names for your ferret but are unsure on which one would fit best then try out a different name each day. This way you will see which one suits them best and rolls off of the tongue easiest.

Be inspired by your favourite character

If you’re struggling for inspiration, then there is always plenty of characters from books, TV programmes and films to choose from. Finding a character that you love and represents your pet is always a good choice.

Avoid choosing a name that sounds like a command you plan on teaching your pet

Before naming your pet think about the commands you may want to use to teach and train them. To avoid headaches later down the line of your pet’s life, try to not choose a name that sounds similar to those commands. For example, Bo sounds similar to no and this could lead to your pet not fully understanding the command.

Try to not pick a name that sounds complicated

Picking long unusual names often sounds great but is not always the best idea as it could take them longer to learn. Names such as Prince Ollie von tickleson are often too wordy and can also be a mouthful for you to say. You should only choose a name like this if you intend to shorten it to Prince or Ollie.  

Avoid changing an adult pet’s name if they already know it

Changing your pets name could be quite confusing for your pet, but if you must change it go with something similar for example Hailey to Bailey as this will make the switch easier for your pet to understand.

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