Petlog Premium

Petlog Premium gives you the best chance of finding your pet should they go missing. For a single fee of £19.95, Petlog Premium helps you keep your records up to date for the lifetime of your pet.

What is Petlog Premium?

We offer a premium package for a one off fee of £19.95. This allows the pet keeper to update their records as many times as is needed throughout the lifetime of their pet that would be less than £2 per year.

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Upgrade to Petlog Premium

You can choose to sign up to Petlog Premium for £19.95 when you first join or you can upgrade from a basic account at any stage of your pets life. Upgrade under the 'manage pets' area of the site.

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Don't already have an account with us?

If you have pet's recorded with our database and have not already registered for an online Petlog account sign up today. A step by step guide on how to do this can be found under 'help and advice'.

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Petlog Basic v Premium

Petlog Service BASIC PREMIUM
Database record for the life of your pet
24/7 UK based reunification service
Update your details any time at no additional cost
Lost pet alert sent to local pet professionals within a 30 mile radius of where your pet went missing
Addition of holiday and friends contact details
Download a free missing pet poster with your dog's picture and details
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