Transfer of Keepership

Microchipping notice: It is now a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped and to be recorded in the current keeper's contact details on a government-compliant database. If your dog is microchipped using a microchip associated with the Petlog database, you will need to perform a Transfer of Keepership by law.

Do you need to register a pet into your name and address?

If you are not registered as the current keeper of your pet, please click the link below to begin the transfer.


Register a pet into my name and address

Is your pet going to a new home?


If your pet is going to a new home, please download the Petlog Transfer Code (PDF) within your account and hand this to the new keeper.

My pet is going to a new home

Do you work for a rehoming organisation?


Animal welfare or rehoming organisations will be able to rehome animals online when you have found them a new home.


I work in Animal Welfare