Transfer of Keepership

Are you the new owner of a microchipped pet? Then you will need to perform a Transfer of Keepership with Petlog to record the pet in your name. The fee for a Transfer of Keepership is £16, this is a one-off fee and includes the Petlog Premium service for the lifetime of your pet.

Note for Dog Owners: From 6 April 2016 it is now also a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped and to be recorded in the current keepers contact details on a government compliant database. If your dog is microchipped using a microchip associated with the Petlog database you will need to perform a Transfer of Keepership by law. Find out what you need to do below:

Breeders/ Current Keeper

If your pet is going to a new home you should handover any microchip database documentation so the new owner can transfer the microchip details into their name. This should include the Petlog Transfer Code. This can be found on the pet's details in your Petlog Account. Select the pet you wish to perform the Transfer of Keepership for and click the button to download the Petlog Transfer Code. 

My Petlog Account

New Keepers

To transfer your new pet into your name with Petlog you will need the Petlog Transfer Code - the breeder or current keeper you are transferring the pet from should have handed this over to you. If not, they can access this code in their My Petlog Account to pass on to you. Once you have the Petlog Transfer Code you can complete the Transfer of Keepership online - please also have your microchip number to hand.

Transfer of Keepership

New Keeper with no Petlog Transfer Code

If you do not have a Petlog Transfer Code please complete the Transfer of Keepership form to record a microchipped pet on the Petlog database. This form can be used when the online Petlog Transfer Code or the original Petlog documentation cannot be provided.

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Welfare Organisations

Petlog supports welfare, helping them to maintain accurate records for all pets and to be compliant with the new legislation for dogs. The new online Petlog Rehoming Service provides welfare users with online access to update the keepership records for both gifted and rehomed pets free of charge. Find out more about rehoming as a welfare organisation.  

Rehoming for Welfare