It pays to upgrade to Petlog Premium

Petlog Premium gives you the best chance of finding your pet should they go missing. For a single fee of £17, Petlog Premium helps you keep your records up to date for the lifetime of your pet. Microchipping is only effective if your contact details are accurate.

You can either choose Petlog Premium immediately when you join or you can upgrade from a basic account.

Benefits of Petlog Premium

We know how important your pet is to you and our Petlog Premium reunification service has added lost and found functionality to give you the best chance of successful reunification should the worst happen.

Create a MyPetlog Account

If you have pet's recorded with the Petlog database and have not already registered for an online Petlog account, click here to create one using the Microchip Number and Petlog ID supplied on your Petlog confirmation letter or email.

Create a MyPetlog Account

MyPetlog Account Holders

If you already have created an online account, click here to log in to upgrade a pet.

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An upgrade to Petlog Premium is non-transferable to another owner in the event that the pet’s registered keepership changes hands.