Advice for lost pets

If your microchipped pet has gone missing, inform Petlog by logging into your My Petlog Account. First check that your details are up-to-date and then mark your pet as lost.

If you don't have a Petlog Account, you can create one now.

If you don't have access to your online account please call our 24/7 reunification number on 01296 336579 to record your pet as lost on our database.

Petlog will help to reunite you as quickly as possible, as soon as Petlog is notified your pet has been found.

Mark My Pet Lost & Review My Contact Details

Tips to help find your lost pet:

  • Log into your Petlog account using your pet’s microchip number and your Petlog ID.
  • Check that your details are up-to-date and then mark your pet as lost.
  • If your pet is not already upgraded to Petlog Premium, upgrade now. This gives you, lifetime access to keep your contact details up-to-date and provides additional features that increases your chances of reunification considerably.
  • Thoroughly check your own property. Look in cosy places, under beds, in wardrobes, and anywhere else your pet may think it could get some rest, or could be hiding.
  • Ask your neighbours to check their sheds, garages, conservatories, greenhouses or anywhere else sheltered. If they have left a door open and then locked it without checking it is possible your lost pet could be stuck inside.
  • Search your neighbourhood, leave a LOST poster of your missing pet and your contact details with as many people as possible. Please remember to ask permission before putting up posters in public places.
  • Remember to speak to any postmen, or other service personnel that cover a wide area.
  • If it is your dog that you are trying to find, walk around the area where the dog went missing with a leash, some treats and maybe the dog's favourite toy. The scents of all these things may bring your lost dog back to you.
  • Keep your mobile phone with you at all times in case someone finds your pet and tries to contact you.
  • If your pet was wearing their collar tag displaying your telephone numbers, make sure that if anyone rings these numbers, someone is available to answer them.
  • Contact your local radio station and newspaper and ask them to put out a message for you.
  • For additional help finding your lost pet, try visiting DogLost or CatAware, who will be able to assist further.
  • When a keeper records their pet lost with Petlog, the network of Scanner Angel microchip scanners will be updated. This all helps to reunite you quickly with your pet should they be found. 
  • Visit other lost and found pet websites and record your missing pet with as many as possible.
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • YouTube: certain specialised channels might be able to help you spread the word, you can easily create a video that contains images and videos to tell everyone about your missing pet.
  • If your pet has gone missing outside the UK, Petlog are the only UK member (and founder) of the European Pet Network, which includes 32 databases working together helping to reunite pets in Europe.