Daisy reunited

Pets name: Daisy


Daisy's story:

Daisy is a six-year-old cat from Aberdeen. To the shock of her keepers, they were unable to find her one evening back in 2021. Unfortunately, this was not one of those cases where a pet was found wandering around a few streets away. Instead, many months had begun to pass, with no positive sightings of Daisy. The keepers eventually moved house adding more worries to the situation. However, a quick consultation with a vet reassured the keepers that, should Daisy be found, they would still be contacted. Despite the reassurance from the vet, and the knowledge that Daisy had been microchipped, it was hard to keep hope as the months began to pass. The keepers had to resign themselves to the thought they may never see their cat again.
Luckily, this was not the case. Daisy had travelled 16 miles from the keeper's home and ended up on the doorstep of a remote farmhouse. The family who owned this farmhouse were very welcoming of Daisy and helped to take care of her after her time away from home. They eventually took Daisy to a vet where her chip was scanned, allowing the contact details of her keepers to be revealed. As expected, the keepers were overwhelmed to learn that Daisy was alive and well, and wasted no time to be reunited. They picked her up that afternoon and took her home in great health. Daisy had been missing for a total of 18 months before she was reunited. Her keepers stress the importance of microchipping as it allowed them to be contacted as soon as Daisy was found.

Keep your details up to date

It is essential to keep your pet's information current to maximize the likelihood of reuniting with them if they become lost.

To facilitate this, we provide a
Petlog Premium package that offers several benefits for a one-time fee of £19.95. With this package, pet keepers can easily update their records as many times as necessary throughout their pet's life. When you consider that this amounts to less than £2 per year, the cost is minimal compared to the peace of mind it brings. By taking advantage of this offer, you significantly enhance the likelihood that your beloved pet will be safely returned home if it ever goes missing.

Microchipping will be a legal requirement for cats in England from 10 June 2024 and owners must register and keep contact details up to date on a microchipping database. If your cat is registered with Petlog, please check your details are up to date now.

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