Jasper reunited

Pets name: Jasper


Jasper's story:

Jasper went missing from his keeper's home on August 13. Although they tried to get him to come in, Jasper had other ideas and wanted to stay outside, which he usually does on summer evenings. Unknown to the keepers, this would be the last time they saw him for a while as Jasper went missing shortly after this. They realised that something was wrong when he had not returned home the next day. Concerned by the hot weather at the time, they tried calling for Jasper for the whole day but to no avail. They then began to raise awareness about their missing cat in the local area by delivering flyers and posting about it on social media. The keeper made sure to do everything they could to ensure their cat was returned to them safely, including contacting local vets and placing an alert on the microchip. 

The social media post about Jasper was shared numerous times and many people had contacted the keepers, but unfortunately there were no positive sightings. When new cats began to arrive in the keeper's garden, they feared that they wouldn't see their beloved cat again, but this did not stop them from driving out to check every possible sighting. After seven weeks, the keeper received a call from a friend who let her know that someone she knew had posted a photo of a similar looking cat to Jasper on social media. When they checked the photo, they immediately knew it was him. He had only travelled a mile and a half away from the keeper's location and was being fed by a lady nearby. The keeper was able to contact this lady and found out that Jasper was walking down her garden path at the time of calling. They instantly drove down to the address and luckily as they pulled up, they saw a tail disappearing behind a car door. After calling out his name, he came running over which left the keeper overjoyed to be reunited. 

Jasper was taken to the vet the next morning for a thorough check-up and was in good condition, with his only injury being on his tail. He had also lost 2kg but managed to put on 500 grams within the first week of being home. The keeper offered a few tips for other people who find themselves in a similar situation including notifying your microchip company, ringing local vets, telling neighbours, posting flyers and using social media. Their final piece of advice was to never give up as you may be your pets only hope. 

Keep your details up to date

Ensuring your pet's information is current is essential for maximizing the likelihood of a successful reunion if they become lost.

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Microchipping will be a legal requirement for cats in England from 10 June 2024 and owners must register and keep contact details up to date on a microchipping database. If your cat is registered with Petlog, please check your details are up to date now.

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