Pebbles reunited

Pets name: Pebbles


Pebbles' story:
Pebbles' story shows just how important having a micrcochip can be for the chances of reunification with your pet. She went missing from her home in Cardiff at the start of November. The keepers had no idea where she could've gone, or if she had been stolen by someone. They contacted local vets, but there were no positive sightings. After just two weeks, Pebbles had wandered 17 miles away meaning the odds of her keepers finding her by chance were slim. Luckily, Pebbles was seen and handed in to a vet who was able to scan for a microchip. This made reunification a simple process, and Pebbles was back where she belonged in no time.

The keepers say Pebbles is doing great now that she is back home and credit the microchip for allowing the reunification to be possible. They advise all other pet keepers to do the same so they have the best possible chance of being with their pets should the worst happen.

Keep your details up to date

Ensuring your pet's information is current is essential for maximizing the likelihood of a successful reunion if they become lost.

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