Penny reunited

Pets name: Penny

Area: Devon

Penny's story:

After a friend of the keepers left the house, Penny became curious. She followed the friend all the way home but it became evident she was unable to find her way back. For days the keepers spent countless hours looking for their cat as it had a massive impact on the family.

Penny was last seen heading towards the motorway around the start of August. 9 days later, she was spotted again by a couple who were driving along a slip road. Penny was described as looking very disorientated. The couple took the cat into their car where they proceeded by calling a lady who scans the microchips of cats. Luckily, Penny had been microchipped by her keepers which made reunification a simple process. 

After being back home, Penny was back to normal in no time. The keepers stressed how important it is to get your cat microchipped as they "would have never gotten Penny back if it wasn't for her microchip".

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