Poppie reunited

Pets name: Poppie


Poppie's story:

On July 12 at 1pm Poppie was last seen by her keepers. Everyday around dinner time, Poppie would usually return home. However, July 12 was different and there was no sign of her at dinner. This was distressing for the keepers as they had no idea where she could have been. After a while they decided they needed to start looking for her and began to knock on nearby doors. This did not prove fruitful, so they extended their search and began posting on social media. After three months there were still no confirmed sightings of Poppie. Until one day, the keepers received an email from someone in Hull.

Details were provided to allow the reunification of Poppie who is now safely back at home recovering from her time away. The keepers were thankful they decided to microchip Poppie as it played a massive part in their reunification. They suggest getting your cat microchipped even if they tend to stay indoors.  

Keep your details up to date

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