Pudding Punk reunited

Pets name: Pudding Punk


Pudding Punk's story:

Pudding Punk went missing from her keepers home on a rainy day in Hertfordshire. Despite trying all the usual tactics to find their cat, like using leaflets, posters and walking around the neighbourhood, there was no sign of Pudding Punk. After three days, the keeper decided to switch up his tactics and tried looking for his cat closer to home. He went to the bottom of his garden where he proceeded to call for his cat. The faintest meow could be heard in response. Although this offered hope, the cat's location could still not be pin-pointed as the response was so quiet.

After an hour of calling, Pudding Punk was finally located at the top of a tree where she was able to be brought down to safety. Pudding Punk was a little shaken up after her ordeal but the keeper is confident she will be back to normal in no time as she gets more relaxed. The keeper stated that he was glad his cat was microchipped, even though it wasn't needed, as it offered comfort during the time his pet was missing. The keeper also suggests if you find yourself in a similar situation, you should enlist the help of friends and family the cat trusts when trying to call for them. This is because they may not always respond to a random voice, especially if they are distressed. 

Keep your details up to date

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