Ralph reunited

Pets name: Ralph


Ralph's story:

As with all cats, Ralph was expected home by his keepers so he could have his dinner. However, one day back in November 2022 he did not return home as he usually does. This set off alarm bells and the keepers rushed to place notices on social media pages and leaflets in their local area. They even tried knocking on some of their neighbour's doors.

The keepers received a call from someone on the street behind who believed Ralph was in their neighbour's garage. They tried to ask this person if they could double-check for themselves, however, the neighbour refused. After five weeks with no confirmation of Ralph's location, the same person from the street behind called the keepers again. They left a message saying that they had heard ralph in the garage of the house next door. Luckily, the two garages are next to each other which made it possible to hear Ralph. After knowing for certain that Ralph was in the garage, they were able to tempt him out with some cat treats and took him straight to the vet. Once his chip was scanned and he had been checked over, the keepers were contacted using the details on the chip. 

Since being back home, Ralph has been spending a lot of time with his keepers. He is slowly gaining his confidence back and is in good health, apart from being a little skinnier. The keepers suggest calling out for your pet's name if you think they may be hiding somewhere and to encourage them out with treats.

Keep your details up to date

It is essential to keep your pet's information current to maximize the likelihood of reuniting with them if they become lost.

To facilitate this, we provide a
Petlog Premium package that offers several benefits for a one-time fee of £19.95. With this package, pet keepers can easily update their records as many times as necessary throughout their pet's life. When you consider that this amounts to less than £2 per year, the cost is minimal compared to the peace of mind it brings. By taking advantage of this offer, you significantly enhance the likelihood that your beloved pet will be safely returned home if it ever goes missing.

Microchipping will be a legal requirement for cats in England from 10 June 2024 and owners must register and keep contact details up to date on a microchipping database. If your cat is registered with Petlog, please check your details are up to date now.

If you haven’t created an online account with us since our March 2021 website upgrade, please do this before 10 June 2024.